The Theory of Everything (2014) – DVD – A Masterpiece

PG-13 | 2h 3min | Biography, Drama, Romance | 26 November 2014 (USA)

The performance was simply amazing. This has to be an Oscar quality film. With so many violence, sex and explosion in movies each year, it’s refreshing to see a film that values good storytelling, strong character development, and a meaningful theme. The Theory of Everything may lack the typical mainstream top box office qualities, but it makes up for it with its incredibly beautiful and bittersweet uplifting story.

Adapted from Jane Hawking’s memoirs of her life with her husband Stephen Hawking, the film does a great job showing their accomplishments and struggles together following Hawking’s diagnosis at age 21 of a debilitating motor-neuron disease (ALS), which doctors predicted would kill him in two years, in which they were wrong. The Theory of Everything is neither entirely biographical nor strictly a love story, it’s something that gives a somewhat deeper portrait of its subjects than most films based on the lives of real people usually show.

I found myself impressed by The Theory of Everything for many reasons. In a period where movies are focused on being a box office hit, a film about life struggles and character development are worth to watch to see life in a new perspective. Especially when Hawking continues fighting for over 50 years after his diagnosis, to defy all odds. What a sad life? I feel bad for Hawking all along the movie. I feel it will be an important film not only as an entertainment sense, but also for bringing to the public consciousness the inner life of one of modern era’s greatest mind.

With that being said, The Theory of Everything is for those who appreciate the character-driven story line. For those used to quick cuts and continuous action, the powerfully character-driven story line and lengthy close-ups with stretches of little to no dialogue may make it seem overlong, but if you appreciate a well-crafted film that gets you to think and feel as only a good film can, then don’t hesitate to appreciate it for all it has to offer. The Theory of Everything is available on Amazon here and FandangoNow here.

Maleficent (2014) – DVD – Wickedly Evil

PG | 1h 37min | Action, Adventure, Family | 30 May 2014 (USA)

What a magical and cheesy fairy tale. An amazing adaptation of a Walt Disney’s 1959 film Sleeping Beauty. Angelina Jolie delivered an amazing performance as Maleficent.

Maleficent begins with a story of a fairy in her magical kingdom meeting a boy and they became friends throughout their childhood. At the age of sixteen, the fairy received her first kiss. As they get older, Maleficent sees that men are planning to invade her kingdom. Maleficent defends her kingdom fiercely and prevented anyone from entering. Her love visited her one night with the intention to kill Maleficent. I was like what? Why do you plan to kill your first love? But instead, he chopped her wings and brought them to the king; so,  he can be crowned king. As a result, Maleficent feels betrayed and begins her plan of vengeance.

There are many loopholes in the movie, but I understand is only a fairy tale. Fairy tale is supposed to be happy and magically making nonsense makes sense. I would like to apologize ahead of time before I decide to reveal the loopholes. One scene when Aurora is with her three godmothers. I don’t get how Aurora manages to hang out with Maleficent all day without have her three godmothers worry at all. Also, where did the prince come from? Entering the forest and meets Aurora. There are more questions about some of the characters and scenes, but I would reveal these two for now.

This film is visually appealing and different from the other Disney films. The love story is more complicated than the usual love at first sight and happily ever after. Instead it’s about love, betrayal, revenge and forgiveness. A complex inner journey  the protagonist must face and recover from a trauma of being betrayed by her first love for power. And how at first, Maleficent wanted to take revenge by cursing Aurora, but afterwards, she decides to revoke the curse and ends up unsuccessful. Now, she is looking for ways to break her own curse that she placed on Aurora. Wow, what a profound message the movie is trying to portray.

Overall, Maleficent is an amazing Disney movie. I watched in on DVD and it is surprisingly good. The beginning of the film feels like is rushes, but the second half of the film is where the fun begins. Highly recommend it for Disney fans. Maleficent is available to watch on Amazon here and FandangoNow here.

Deadpool (2016) – Best Superhero Movie ?

R | 1h 48min | Action, Adventure, Comedy | 12 February 2016 (USA)

Laugh Out Loud!! This has to be the funniest superhero movie ever. I did not expected Ryan Reynolds to be this funny. Was he always this hilarious? He gave a fantastic performance as Deadpool. Reynold had made Deadpool one of the most beloved characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Deadpool is a unique superhero similar to Wolverine’s ability to heal itself which made him even cooler. I would like to see a match Wolverine vs Deadpool or a crossover. That would be epic. With so many of popular superheroes being made into a live-action movie, would Deadpool be able to become part of the popularity?

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Deadpool began in a fight scene where Wade as Deadpool caused a scene on a highway looking for Ajax (Ed Skrein). We saw some of his extraordinary abilities such as recovering from a bullet shot and slashing bad guys into pieces all while being funny. Also, the slow motion was pretty smooth. Until the part when Deadpool used his two swords to stab the thug and carried him up with both of his swords, that’s when the flashback began to tell us how he became Deadpool. Without revealing too much of the synopsis, Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) had a happy life with Vanessa (Morena Baccarin), but later discovered he has cancer. Vanessa was worried about Wade and looking for ways to help him. Until one day, Wade decided to abandon Vanessa to try out the experiment to cure his cancer. As a result, the cancer was gone and he has incredible power, but his face was distorted. Now, he has to wear a hood to cover his face because it is horrifying to look. That’s why Wade/Deadpool was desperately looking for Ajax to find a cure for his face. 

For me, Deadpool is an amazing adventure and comedy film where a person can laugh at almost every scene while seeing the character in bloody action. My favorite part is when Vanessa and Wade went to check his diagnosis with the doctor about his cancer. Wade was speaking in his head about how every time he looks at Vanessa’s face as if it was his first time. Meanwhile, Vanessa was asking questions after questions about ways to cure his cancer. I thought that was hilarious. The story and action are well-balanced without the generic box office hit elements. It’s not often a movie of this quality can be so entertaining. Especially when it’s about a superhero character. 

Deadpool is a crazy and hilarious movie. From what I heard it is just as loud, violent, and crazy funny as the first film. Highly recommended to all hero fans all over the world. The quick wit jokes were smooth and effortless. Deadpool is available to watch on Amazon here or FandangoNow here

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Life of Pi (2012)

PG | 2h 7min | Adventure, Drama, Fantasy | 21 November 2012 (USA)

Life of Pi is based on the book by Yann Martel. I read the book before the movie had came out, but unfortunately, I had no idea what I have just read. The only thing I remembered was about a young man and a tiger on a boat. 

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From the trailers, the movie did look beautiful. It also looked interesting to know a little about the origins of the main character. Ang Lee, the director of Life of Pi and some other really good movies such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Brokeback Mountain. It looks like Lee had done the ambitious by making this movie.
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I saw the movie on DVD because when the movie first came out in theater, I really wanted to see the movie, but did not had the chance to. The movie came out when I was in high school. At that time I did not have any friends and did not want to watch it alone in theater. 

Life of Pi is a story about Piscine Patel or “Pi”, who tells a story to a writer (Rafe Spall) who wanted to know how the origins of his life were like. So, Pi tells his story about him as a teenager (Suraj Sharma), who grew up in India, was introduced to various religion as a child, and his family owned a zoo.

When his family decided to sell the zoo, they wanted to move all the way to Canada by ship. The saddest part was when a shipwreck had occurred, Pi had survived and the rest of his family did not made it because they were asleep. He was castaway on a lifeboat with a zebra, a hyena, an orangutan, and a Bengal Tiger named Richard Parker. However, when three of the animals died, Pi and Richard Parker started having a connection with each other on the boat.

The acting of the two actors who played the different versions of Pi. Suraj Sharma played Pi as a teenager, and he delivered a great performance. His innocence, religious curiosities, and emotions were all believable. Irrfan Khan also delivered a great performance playing Pi as an adult, it was interesting hearing his story about Pi’s struggle to survive.

Ang Lee did an excellent job in directing Life of Pi. The character development and vulnerability of the the character Pi was felt after watching the film. Especially the part when it was the last time Pi saw Richard Parker without saying goodbye and looking back at him. Very emotional moment. After seeing Life of Pi, I really wanted to watch some of his other movies.

Life of Pi is a magical experience that deserves to win multiple awards. Definitely a timeless film for other major filmmakers to reference and learn from. The story telling and the visual are breathtaking. Highly recommended. You can watch Life of Pi on Amazon here or FandangoNow here. 

Stealth (2005)

PG-13 | 2h 1min | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi | 29 July 2005 (USA)

Wow, what an entertaining film! This is one of the most awful movies I have fun watching! The movie made me laugh with its bizarre scenes. I understand Stealth (2005) is rated PG-13 that’s why most of the jokes were meant for teenagers. At least there were some good points in the film.

My favorite character was the automated aircraft because it can fly by itself without a pilot. The fun part began when the aircraft started to disobey pilots’ order and brought names during a serious mission. Later, the automated aircraft flew on its own causing a scene at the Russian border on its own, forcing the other pilots to chase the automatic plane down. The pilots decided to take the plane down because it was not following their order. As a result, one of the pilots life was gone due to unsuccessful attempt to destroy the autopilot plane. Also, another pilot’s aircraft ran out of fuel and landed in the North Korean’s territory. (That’s so scary!)

The ending was awesome, but I didn’t understand what happened. The self-driving plane sacrificed itself to destroy the North Korea’s helicopter to protect it’s teammates. I thought that was cool because previously, the plane was disobeying the pilots order, but once the plane started to behave, I felt at ease. 

In conclusion, Stealth (2015) warns me about technology. In the near future, when automobiles and aircraft can drive itself without humans, but solely on its own. How dangerous can it be? What would happen if someone tries to manipulate the system and control all of these machines? Our lives will be in danger. In the end, I did not follow how these soldiers were successfully rescued in North Korea’s soil. It was a terrible mobie, but the acting was great.  Stealth (2005) is available on Amazon here and FandangoNow here.

What?! Fantastic Beast And Where To Find Them 2 (2018)

Woohoo!! Just read the entertainment news the other day, Jude Law will be playing young Dumbledore. Sounds like there will be a Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them sequel starring Eddie Redmayne. And, Johnny Depp is getting more screen time as a villain. Can’t wait to see the movie in 2018. 


Heard of Jude Law, but rarely watched his movies. The only memorable movie I recall is when he was Dr. Watson in Sherlock Holmes. Jude Law will be portraying Dumbledore, one of the iconic figures in Harry Potter series before he was the Headmaster of Hogwarts. For now, we know Fantastic Beasts 2 will start off when Dumbledore is the Professor of Transfiguration at Hogwarts. It will be an interesting story to see Dumbledore’s personality and his relationship with Grindweld. They were good friends before the dark magic part them off. Johny Depp as Grindweld, who will fall into the dark path and becomes a threat to Europe. How powerful can wizards be?

One question, is Jude Law the right actor for the character of Dumbledore? We will have to watch to find out. For now, the release date for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is November 18, 2018. Watch the first installment Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them on Amazon here or FandangoNow here.

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London Has Fallen (2016) – Simply Amazing

Gerard Butler on Fire!!

R | 1h 39min | Action, Crime, Drama | 4 March 2016 (USA)

Imagine London is hosting a funeral event, where leaders from around the world are visiting the city to pay respect. Securities are tight and each leaders have their own group of securities. Police cars are nearly at every corner, traffic is worse than usual. Suddenly, there is an explosion and shooting  at one location, than at the other location. All are happening at the same time. World leaders are being killed one by one. It’s challenging to distinguish who are the terrorist and where the shootings come from. The goal of the terrorist group is to kill all the world leader at all cost. That sums up the synopsis of London Has Fallen.

This movie was amazing. I was shocked when I checked the reviews for this movie. A 25% on Rotten Tomatoes and  5.9/10 on IMDb. Glad I ignored the reviews and watched the movie. London Has Fallen made Gerard Butler a fearless character who can take on anyone no problem. The movie portrayed scenarios that could happen in real life. Especially now when there are homicides caused by terrorist groups in different parts of Europe.  Events like this could happen in any parts of the world which I like watching it on screen, but not experience it in real life. It has an awesome story that people who follow the current news may be familiar with such as the case with terrorist groups in the Middle East targeting people in the Western World.

The action sequences of London Has Fallen was simply amazing. All the explosions and Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) was able to take down an entire crew of armed terrorist by himself with some help of the president of the U.S. Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart). I thought it was funny when Banning was never shot despite all of the shooting he has to dodge. Meanwhile, he was reloading his weapon. Well, it was just a movie. There was so much going on in the movie that many people may not be able to understand the story. That’s what I like, a movie that makes me analyze in greater depth.

It was entertaining watching London Has Fallen. Watch the movie and ignore all of negative reviews. I highly recommended. London Has Fallen is available to purchase from Amazon here and Fandango here.