Pulp Fiction (1994) – Old Film Chat

R-Rated: I remember watching ‘Pulp Fiction’ as a kid. Even though I was underage (I was 9 years old at that time). Not a big fan of the movie because of the heavy drug scenes and sometimes people looks like they are sweating and bloody. Well I don’t know. It just me, I like to be clean.  It was fun looking back at the young John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson performing in this film. They were really funny, especially the conversation they have with each other and the others.

Overall, I thought the film was great besides the violent scene. The dialogue was epic. That’s for sure.

Available on Amazon Video, DVD and Blu-ray here and on Fandango here.

Let me know what do you guys think in the comment below. And, let’s talk about movies.


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