Get Out (2017) – Surprisingly Good!

R | 1h 44min | Horror, Mystery | 24 February 2017 (USA)

From the trailer, I had a feeling it was going to be a movie about people discriminating base on skin color. I predicted that Get Out will not be well rated by the critics and the viewers because the trailer did not successfully convinced me that it will be a great movie. The impression I got from Get Out  trailer was a man who developed psychological problem after being introduced to his girlfriend’s parents. The main character started seeing supernatural beings and nobody can see them except him. I can see the horror element, but not the comedy aspect of the film.

One of the movies that isn’t focus on action and explosions, the plot is slow with build up and once it hits, it’s on. I can see some people getting offended because it shows the white race as making racist remarks, but just remember this is a movie about a white family and a group of friends which classifies the general white population as bad. (Woah, this is a hate article) Hahaha. Enough with the joke. 

Surprisingly, people who watched Get Out loved the film. According to Fandango, the movie rating is 4.5/5 stars. Also, a score of 99% on TOMATOMETER. Base on the rating and great comments, my prediction is proved wrong. Jordon Peele did a great job balancing between comedy and horror. I heard this is Peele’s first movie which is superb work. Time to Get Out

Get Out is available to pre-order on Amazon through this link.

Movie tickets are available at Fandango link.


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