Ghost In The Shell (2017) – Serious Trailer Review

This whole trailer looks amazing, but I am still not excited to see it in theater. I watched the animated version of the movie and I did not enjoy it. Hopefully the live-action movie follows closely with the story line of the original movie.

I remember when I was taking a Japanese history class at a university, and the professor played us ‘Ghost In The Shell’. I have never watched the animated movie prior to the class, but I was looking forward to it. For some reason, I had a hard time following what was happening in the movie. Maybe because I was young and naive who did not understand the deeper meaning of the plot, but somehow I managed to watch the entire movie without falling asleep. The reason why I did not enjoy the original film because I am not a big fan of virtual reality movie. Could it be because the main character is played by a female? Maybe it has to do with gender, I don’t know. That was my past. Now, I am wiser. So, that’s good.

On the other hand, there has been controversy in regard to the cast of ‘Ghost In The Shell’. The lead role is played by Scarlett Johansson instead of a Japanese actress in a story that has an important role in Japanese culture and history. The decision of putting non-Japanese actors as the leading role in stories that were made in Japan sounds like a slap in the face within the Asian community. From Hollywood perspective, they want to choose actors who are popular enough to help the film sell because of their name. Is race involve in the decision? I don’t know. That’s my opinion.

If Hollywood cast an Asian actress as the lead role in ‘Ghost In The Shell’, will the general audience watch the film for the unknown Asian actress? Are there any Asian actress as popular as Scarlett Johansson?

I will most likely not watch ‘Ghost In The Shell’ in theater. Unless, someone wants to watch it with me. Haha.


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