Justice League (2017) Official Trailer – Time to React

Finally, a live action Justice League. I am definitely looking forward to watch this movie.

So the trailer, one thing I can say is, why is it dark and cloudy? Looks like the film was recorded during the cloudy season.

There are so many reasons I’m pumped as hell for this movie. Ben Affleck continues to be a funny Batman. I am addicted to the way Batman talks. You guys get me, that serial killer voice.  I like flash’s costume. I look forward more of flash, my second favorite superhero because I can relate to his life. Aquaman is finally getting some lines with Batman. He appeared on Batman v Superman movie a few years ago, but only for a slight second. Also, Cyborg looks cool with all the CGI and finally making an appearance in the live action world. I am sure there will be more surprises from Wonder Woman because I was surprise how powerful she was on Batman v Superman film.

Overall, the trailer looks good. I hope the plot of the movie is decent and not abuse the attractiveness of CGI. This is definitely one of the films I look forward to watching in 2017. Meanwhile, you can check out other movies in theaters Fandango Movie Tickets Online here.


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