Moonlight (2016) – Brief Trailer Review

R-Rated | 1h 51min | Drama

Honestly, I was surprised that this film won Best Picture. Prior to the award, I never heard of the movie. But this “movie” was given 97 on Rottentomatoes. It was 7+ on IMDb, and won an Oscar for Best Picture. Why wasn’t this movie as hyped as the others?

There were no special effects at all, like the majority of the popular films. From the look of this trailer, looks like a movie with lots of meaningful conversation which most of the audiences may get bored easily and want to find out the mystery as soon as possible. In fact most films that are popular consist of comedy, explosion and romance which this film may lack and that does not mean is a terrible movie.

It looks like it will be a very slow movie that focuses on the development of the characters. The movie will not be mainstream because of its in-depth conversation between characters which leads to a deeper meaning about the life these characters are going through.

‘Moonlight’ seems like a film that targets audience who are looking to further educate themselves about lives from another perspectives. A life about people who grew up in a particular neighborhood where the general population are rarely exposed to or learned about. Well, that’s my guess from the trailer and my experiences from watching movies. Since, I have watched many drama films in the past. Usually I watched films like ‘Moonlight’ on my own or in a classroom.

 Moonlight is available to Buy, Rent or Watch online. Click on the link to watch Moonlight on Amazon here or FandangoNow. Purchase it before it goes out of stock.



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