Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens (2015) – Brief Review

It feels like a remake of the original series, except this time for kids, not a meaningful continuation that picks up where the originals left off. Although I did start having my doubts about my future satisfaction with the Star Wars franchise when Disney owns the production.

There was no flashback within the movie as to what happened from previous episodes and how they got to where they are now, making this movie a whole new plot with new characters. This direction may appeal for some, but for those of us who were expecting more will find ourselves disappointed. In this version of Star Wars,  the characters desperately running away from things and having meaningless conversation instead of exploring the depths of some of the most intriguing Jedi stories. However, this fact is not surprising as the masses seem to be entertained predominantly by action, comedy and explosions, not exploring the psychological aspect within the human soul, and definitely not sitting through scenes of dialogue which could give us a deeper understanding of the Star Wars mystery. I suppose in this regard it is targeting Disney audiences.

**Spoiler Alert**

One part in particular impacted me greatly was the death of Han Solo. I was like NOO!!!!. HAN SOLO got killed by his son. The death of Han Solo had me thinking for days and talking about it. I felt like having one of the original Star Wars characters being killed was shocking. Just wondering, will the new characters reach the importance as the other original characters?

The Force Awakens was not bad at all, but it felt empty, in need of more character development, more older characters and complexity; an example in one of the previous episodes, the death scene where Master Yoda said his last words before he spiritually disappeared, and to not have felt like another teenage romance during an adult war. I hope the next episode will have a more complex and serious plot with the appearance of Luke Skywalker. Will we see Han Solo?

May the force be with you.

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