Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer #2 (2017)

Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer Reaction


Love the trailer. It’s funny and upbeat, but the movie will suck. Okay, that sounded a bit harsh. Let me sugarcoat it. This movie will not do so well. The problem is, how many more Spider-Man movies are we going to watch?
I stopped watching Spider-Man after Tobey McGuire’s last Spider-Man movie. It’s sad to see him go. No offence to other new actors who play Spider-Man, but it just doesn’t feel the same nostalgic feeling as before. Spider-Man films after Tobey MacGuire are targeted for teen audiences. That’s what I am getting. The plot and dialogues between characters are less in-depth and emotional. I am not saying that is bad, but I prefer films that make me see things differently. Enough with the serious talk.
It’s interesting that the trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming has revealed the film’s entire plot. By now, we have seen so many Spider-Man films that we know the story by heart. Seriously…

Something to look forward to, Spider-Man’s homemade costume and Iron Man babysitting Spider-Man. Meanwhile, buy movie tickets online from Fandango here. Or, save up to 60% on Movie tickets and Concessions from Dealflicks here.

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