The Magnificent Seven (2016) – Classics

PG-13 | 2h 13min | Action, Adventure, Western | 23 September 2016 (USA)

The Magnificent Seven an untold story in the American History. The movie draws inspiration from the classics and failed to entertain, but remains sort of an action thriller.

This remake of The Magnificent Seven is so badly executed that I felt like forwarding some of the scenes. The only good thing about it is that it would be interesting to know how these seven man were selected to be in the squad.

The characters are not well-developed and they are selected out of nowhere. Do these characters really existed in the Wild West? How were they getting along with all the racism?

One educational guess I could make, The Magnificent Seven most likely takes place during the post gold mining period where all people of different ethnicities are brought by gold.

During the time when it’s a town of white wild west farmers who attract the attention of a gold robber baron (Peter Saarsgard). He wants to buy their land and is willing take lives who doesn’t agree. To make himself a badass he shoots a farmer and sets fire to the church to prove how evil he is. (Wow, so intimidating.)

Now the odd part, how can a squad be ethnically diverse. I don’t get how were they able to find an Asian, a Latino, an African American and a Native American to help protect the town of all white. It seems like the town folks were the most forward thinking people of their time. They were more tolerant than many of the people who are from not so diverse regions today.

Well, there so many more questions regarding to the social constructs and plots in the movie. We may not know what is behind the motives of the director or writer of The Magnificent Seven, but it just a movie anyways. So, no need to go in-depth to these issues. (Do you guys agree?) The Magnificent Seven  is available on Amazon through this link and FandangoNow here.


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