Beowulf (2007)

PG-13 | 1h 55min | Animation, Action, Adventure

I remembered watching this film back in high school for my senior year English class. Coincidentally, we were reading a literature title Beowulf  which this film is based off of. That’s why my English teacher decided to play this movie for the class. I remembered my English teacher was making fun of the CGI effects. He said that the CGI gave a six pack to the main character, but the protagonist in real-life do not have a define abs. I thought it was funny and an interesting fact to know. Okay, back to the movie review.

After watching the preview of Beowulf and I thought it would be a weird film because watching Angelina Jolie being CGIed (Is that a word?) creeps me out.  Beowulf  was a fun film and I highly recommend everyone who loves watching Lord Of The Ring franchise.  To me, Beowulf  reminded me of Lord Of The Ring because of its fantasy theme, magical creatures and fighting monsters. Overall, the movie was unique and entertaining because I watched it in English class and we had fun joking every funny and explicit scenes.

As for the movie, the plot was unique and well scripted.  Since I read the original Beowulf  story I had high expectation when watching the film. Glad that the film met my expectation.  The only downside was some of the CGI because it was one of my first time watching a CGI film. So, I thought that it looks like a video game infomercial.  Also, the part when Angelina Jolie appeared fully naked was surprising because I though it was a random Tomb Raider  character. One part that impacted me was when  I heard Beowulf had to swim seven days and nights in the sea. (No rest, What?!) I don’t recall what was it for, but I thought it was funny and while he was swimming, he fought sea monsters along the way like it wasn’t a problem. And, I thought that part in particular was funny.

Honestly, I had high expectation from this movie having read the story, and I was blown away. I never thought that Beowulf would be this entertaining and had me laughing. To this day, I still laugh at myself for some of the scenes on Beowulf. (Hahaha) Beowulf  is available on Amazon through this link and FandangoNow here.

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