Home Alone (1990)

PG | 1h 43min | Comedy, Family | 16 November 1990 (USA)

Home Alone is one of my favorite movies growing up. I can’t believe it was made before I was alive. I am sure Home Alone is one of the most popular 90s movies and its success led Macaulay Culkin to become superstar.

The plot is interesting and unique where a child is home alone and need to fend off thieves from breaking-in  the house and be kidnapped.  Sounds like a fictional story, but that’s why I like the plot because I can relate to the child. Growing up I was always home alone and I needed to fend off criminals from breaking-in my house. In my life, my house was broken into for about three times to be exact. And, that’s not a pleasant experience. That’s why I really enjoyed watching Home Alone  because I can relate and maybe learn some house defense tips.  

I felt I was under the Christmas magic of Home Alone whenever I watched the film as a kid, it helped me cope with my fear of being home alone. In fact, the movie has Christmas decorations, lights and snow which creates the feeling of Christmas spirit. Besides, this movie made me felt excited in testing out ways protecting my home. 

Kevin McCallister is a very smart kid. He is able to anticipate the intentions of the bad guys and prepares them lots of  traps. He succeeds in making their lives miserable and giving them what they deserve. That’s some kid we don’t want to mess with.

The movie has lots of funny moments. The funniest part is when Kevin fools the Pizza boy  with the gangster film , but why scare the Pizza boy. There is no need to scare the hell out of him – he was just delivering pizza. Sounds like an effective burglary alarm for my house. Time to crank up the volume with FBI Most Wanted

Overall, Home Alone is definitely an entertaining film.  A movie I can relate when I was growing up. I am glad this film took the fear of staying home alone. Now, I can plan my homemade burglary alarms around my house and have fun with it. That’s it for my embarrassing childhood story. Home Alone is now available on Amazon through this link and FandangoNow here.
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