The Social Network (2010)

PG-13 | 2h | Biography, Drama | 1 October 2010 (USA)

The Social Network is a made up story about Mark Zuckerberg and the people he encountered which leads to the creation of Facebook. The truth is about friends measuring their worth due to money and betrayal. Because of this, it’s no surprise that friends end up arguing and leaving each other. Sounds like a passive civil war.

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What makes The Social Network a great film is the dialogues between the characters. For some may sound logical and boring, but when you carefully decipher the dialogue, there is additional meanings implied in it. The film is filled with dialogues that make every conversation crucial and interesting which many present films lack in that aspect because they are afraid of not selling tickets. It would be no surprise if the film won an Oscar because there are some many underlying meaning in the film that is Oscar worthy. It’s definitely a challenge to create a great film without including action sequences, explosions and teenage love. I am sure The Social Network achieved greatness without those generic elements. I would have to say I really admire director David Fincher’s work because he did a great job with this film. The Social Network  is entertaining and refreshing compared to most of the best selling films.  Honestly, I did not have any expectation prior to watching this film. I guess geeky film can be entertaining after all.

Jesse Eisenberg did a great job delivering lines with ease. His best movie character to date. Also, co-star Andrew Garfield did an amazing job bringing in the emotional side of the film. Justin Timberlake should receive the most improved award in this film. His acting improved so much compared to his earlier films. Can’t judge him too much, he is know for his music.  Surprisingly, Armie Hammer played two characters as twins in the film. I was like wow, really?!. Hammer succeeded in distinguishing the characters really well.

The Social Network is definitely part of the Oscar Award conversation. I mean it does not rely on the generic elements of a box office hit film. The film succeeds in captivating the audience with nerdy conversation. (I am only joking) Highly recommend it. Watch The Social Network on Amazon through this link.


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