Hellboy (2004) – Old Times

Ron Perlman is perfect as Hellboy. His sense of humor and executing one-liners with ease, battling monsters through underground sets and city streets, and giving a comedic performance as well as a very emotional one that makes you just love the Hellboy character. Also, a great performance considering the heavy makeup he had to wear. (Covering his entire body in red costume.) Despite Hellboy being of demonic heritage, Hellboy’s character has nothing to do with the devil, but of a superhero. What a misleading name do you think?

I have never read ‘Hellboy’ comic book, but Hellboy seems to have no problem when he encounters obstacles. That could be due to his carefree personality which he sees the bright side of trouble. Another interesting fact I realize is Hellboy’s aging process. How awesome would it be to age so well like Hellboy?, if humans can live for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

Overall, I had fun watching ‘Hellboy’. Even though the movie was not as popular as the other superhero movies, Hellboy stood out because of his comedic personality, which I don’t think other superheroes can match.

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