I Am Legend (2007) – Nightmare

PG-13 | 1h 41min | Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi | 14 December 2007 (USA)

I Am Legend is one of the few dramatic films where Will Smith is part of. He is usually on action and comedy films, but for this one, we get to see the serious side of Smith. No more joking around like Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.

From the trailer, I thought it will be a film similar to Resident Evil  franchise, where Will Smith will show off his athleticism and kill zombies, but he will be fighting them alone. He got his powered rifle, his German shepherd Sam, and he’s out hunting deer during sunlight, in a deserted city with weeds and rusty cars everywhere. Smith is playing Robert Neville, the last man alive in New York and maybe the entire planet. I Am Legend  is about a deadly virus that has wiped out everyone, except a few like Neville who are immune to the virus. How about Sam?

Neville has to hunt and explore the city during the day, but by sunset, he shuts the windows and doors in his Washington Square townhouse. At night the crazy flesh-eating zombie vampires come out and make scary noises who cannot tolerate daylight. Neville, broadcasting everyday to see if there are still other humans out there, and he is finding a cure for the virus. The problem is that he needs to capture a zombie to perform experiment. Sounds awesomely scary. 

I Am Legend is a surprisingly great film. I felt the suspense in one of the crucial flashbacks when Neville saw his wife and child as they were evacuated from the city. The loneliness Neville has to go through for all these years being the one-man alive. The city landscape became a ghost town, everyday living in fear and desperately in search of other humans. The main character Robert Neville, he is the protagonist for a reason. He is a doctor and physically fit to run and kill zombies. What if the protagonist was a lazy and cowardly person like me? I would like to see how that will play out.

What do these zombies eat? I mean, there are no humans around and they are roaming all night in groups. Do they ever starve to death? If they can’t starve, what’s the point of finding flesh to eat? Maybe I am over questioning the biology of zombies.  Well, it’s a sad movie following a solitary man and his only interaction with German shepherd. Enough with sobbing, now watch I Am Legend  on Amazon through this link and Fandango here.


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