Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (2001)

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Where the first magical world begins

PG | 2h 32min | Adventure, Family, Fantasy | 16 November 2001 (USA)


Now, you are under my spell. Okay, time to chat about movies. When I first saw this movie I was 12 years old, around the same age as the characters. I was attending a boarding school at that time watching the movie on television at my dorm. I grew up in a catholic school where  I heard rumors that it was taboo to watch this film. That’s because the film involved the use of witchcraft which some believed were considered demonic practices. The movie caught my attention like nothing before. From flying brooms, to having a rough childhood, entering through a wall into an exclusive VIP wizard train and how cool is that? There’s so much magic in this film. I became so obsessed in anything that had to do with Harry Potter, and I never knew it was from a book adaptation. I did not read any of the Harry Potter books prior to watching the movie, but once I found the first book at a library I started to read it. That’s how I became obsessed with reading Harry Potter. Does that mean I am being possessed by demons?

It’s hard to believe, Harry Potter influenced me in a positive way, because without the magic of Harry Potter, I wouldn’t have any interest in reading books or reading in general. Thanks to Harry Potter, I finished reading the first book on my own which was Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. From then on, I really understand the value of reading and now I can read on my own without relying on school to force me read something I have no interest in. I must give thanks to J.K.Rowling for her creativity, if it wasn’t for her books, I might never read a book in my life. No kidding.

Enough with my embarrassing story, you guys only want to hear me trash talk movies. I just wanted to let you guys know how much of an influence this movie had on me. Also, for anyone out there to relate with me for having a weird influence. Never knew Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone can have such an impact which led me to the right path. 

Over a decade later after the first Harry Potter film, I am still a fan of the wizardly world of J.K. Rowling. I wonder what is Rowling’s routine when she writes a story. Does she listen to anything magical that leads to writing magical stories? I would like to find out. Definitely an amazing film. I am glad that Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone  was part of my childhood.  Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is available to Buy, Rent or Watch online. Purchase the movie from Amazon here or FandangoNow here.

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