Con Air (1997)

Con Air 1997 Nicolas Cage

R | 1h 55min | Action, Crime, Thriller | 6 June 1997 (USA)

I became a big fan of Nicolas Cage after watching Con Air (1997). There is something that he has which I admire. I don’t know what is it, but it could be the character that he is playing. I was shock that Con Air (1997) received a 6.8/10 IMDb and 54% Rotten Tomatoes.

Nicolas Cage is Cameron Poe, a US Ranger who is sent to prison for accidentally killing a thug while protecting his wife. After 8 years, he is freed and takes a ride home on a prison plane with other prisoners called The Jailbird.

On board are a bunch of psychos including a men on death row for murder, robbery, kidnapping and extortion. A man inside for killing his cheating wife’s family and dog, a pimp and drug-dealer, a pilot who knows about hijacking and finally a serial killer for killing more than two handful of people. As you can see, with such a crazy bunch¬† on board, any mistake will lead to disaster. As soon as the plane is in the air, the psychos have taken over, the guards are killed or trapped and have changed the destination from prison to South America.

That’s when the action begin. Poe, one of the few good guys using his self-defense skills beating one bad guy at a time. It’s up to Poe to sneakily round up the psychos until US Marshall Larkin (John Cusack) and the others can rescue him. This is the best part of the movie. When Nicolas Cage gets shot on his bicep and continues walking as if it did not affected him,¬† is the most memorable part of the movie. It is the funniest part of the movie that had me laughing. The fights on the plane are action packed which makes the movie great to watch.

Another good scene is the end sequence when Poe finally sees his wife and his daughter after a brutal plane ride. It was very sweet and full of love after Poe had been through 8 years in prison. Con Air is Nicolas Cage at his best as an action hero. Highly recommended. Con Air (1997) is available on Amazon here.

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