Sucker Punch (2011) – DVD – Review

PG-13 | 1h 50min | Action, Fantasy | 25 March 2011 (USA)

This looks like an amazing movie to watch. Honestly, why did I wanted to watch this movie? Well, because of the attractive cast of course. Just wanted to admire the beauty and strength. I watched this movie expecting to be a mindless violence and girls using their sexual spells to get what they want.

When I read the reviews, I found there were lots of negative comments mentioning that Sucker Punch was a legal version of sexual fantasy. I am not sure what movie they saw, but it wasn’t all about explicit content in this movie. It was more serious than that. 

This movie was not about fulfilling a boy’s fantasy seeing girls in short skirts and holding big guns and a really cool sword. Baby Doll is sexually objectified by her stepfather and the guards. She uses her ability to provoke men to become thoughtless and lose sense of their surrounding. That’s Baby Dolls of using sexual objectivity as a weapon to be capable to capture any man’s attention. At first, I was confused what was she trying to do, but afterward it makes sense after in-depth analysis.

The movie was not about women in lingerie holding weapons. It was about freedom and fighting for the others freedom. Also, there was a lot of psychological elements which was interesting to analyze. But it certainly seductive. Sucker Punch (2011) is a film recommended for audience who appreciate the story besides of hot girls in short skirts and holding weapons. Watch it with an open mind. Sucker Punch is available on Amazon here and FandangoNow here.


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