Hellboy (2004) – Old Times

Ron Perlman is perfect as Hellboy. His sense of humor and executing one-liners with ease, battling monsters through underground sets and city streets, and giving a comedic performance as well as a very emotional one that makes you just love the Hellboy character. Also, a great performance considering the heavy makeup he had to wear. (Covering his entire body in red costume.) Despite Hellboy being of demonic heritage, Hellboy’s character has nothing to do with the devil, but of a superhero. What a misleading name do you think?

I have never read ‘Hellboy’ comic book, but Hellboy seems to have no problem when he encounters obstacles. That could be due to his carefree personality which he sees the bright side of trouble. Another interesting fact I realize is Hellboy’s aging process. How awesome would it be to age so well like Hellboy?, if humans can live for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

Overall, I had fun watching ‘Hellboy’. Even though the movie was not as popular as the other superhero movies, Hellboy stood out because of his comedic personality, which I don’t think other superheroes can match.

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Beauty and the Beast (2017)

PG | 2h 9min | Family, Fantasy, Musical | 17 March 2017 (USA)

Finally a real life version of the movie is out. After over 20 years the release of the cartoon version, it has finally become life. Not a big fan of Disney movies, but the trailer looks amazing. I am surprised many people who watched the film really enjoyed the movie. Last time I checked, it was #1 movie in the world.

I was excited about the remake of Beauty and the Beast. The original is a classic and all of the hype surrounding this film make me raise my expectation. I might felt like I have already seen the movie because of the trailers. Also, since this movie is rated as PG, my taste in film may have changed overtime since when I was a kid. Anyways, I decided to watch it and not think about it later. Glad I made the decision.
Disney is setting the bar so high for future remakes, that I can’t wait to see what’s the next big movie. I am glad Disney closely followed the original Beauty and the Beast (1991), and brought some new contents. The new songs that were introduced were beautiful. Now, families can sing along with the movie. The controversy around a gay character which I don’t remember who is it in the movie was very subtle and I was not able to notice. Which part is it?The story also had a few little additions which made the characters and the story more believable. I left the movie theater wanting to go back and see it again. This film was that good.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2015)

PG-13 | 2h 31min | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi | 25 March 2016 (USA)

It’s a bird. No. It’s a plane. No. It’s Batman! I felt like there was such a huge hype for this movie. The two most well known superheroes in DC comics finally meet. It has been a few years since I watched this film. The movie was not great, but it was good. As a big fan of Superman, I would say that Batman seem the coolest in the movie. Especially when he prepares his new armor and gadgets against Superman. Now for the movie chat. 

The wait is finally over. Batman and Superman are in a big screen together for the first time in real-life movie history. As a result, it is a let down compared to Man Of Steel. For one of the most anticipated film in my life, the film did not meet my expectation. From several exciting trailers, movie promotions and interviews at several Comic-Con, I was really looking forward to watch Batman v Superman. The focus of the film is all over the place. Like trying to fit in equally two superheroes in a single film, while not leaving the other characters out.

Lex Luthor played by Jesse Eisenberg, looks like he is out of place. Is it just me? I feel like he does not make a good villain or Lex Luthor. I believe Jesse Eisenber is better to play in the other roles. His performance seems to not flow with the character. What do you guys think?

A surprise appearance, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman joins the two most popular superheroes and taking some spotlight to star its own movie. Wonder Woman is one of  the most surprising superheroes in the comic book work because I never thought she was powerful. I always thought Wonder Woman was one of the weakest superheroes besides Batman. (No offence) After watching her fight, I was wrong for underestimating her. And, Gal Gadot did a great job as Wonder Woman and I look forward for the movie.

Ben Affleck as Batman for the first time. Love the voice of Batman. The beginning of the film was annoying with Batman hating on Superman for being seen as God. And, Batman was trying to pick a fight with Superman and  kill him. Until the part where Batman almost killed Superman, when Superman said his mother’s first name. BAM! They became friends.

Overall, it was an okay movie. The beginning was slow, but most of the fun part happened near the last part of the movie. I caught several mistakes the actors made in the movie. Won’t mention them because I don’t want to ruin your experience.

I will give Batman v Superman a 3/5 stars.

Click the link to watch the movie: Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice