Stealth (2005)

PG-13 | 2h 1min | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi | 29 July 2005 (USA)

Wow, what an entertaining film! This is one of the most awful movies I have fun watching! The movie made me laugh with its bizarre scenes. I understand Stealth (2005) is rated PG-13 that’s why most of the jokes were meant for teenagers. At least there were some good points in the film.

My favorite character was the automated aircraft because it can fly by itself without a pilot. The fun part began when the aircraft started to disobey pilots’ order and brought names during a serious mission. Later, the automated aircraft flew on its own causing a scene at the Russian border on its own, forcing the other pilots to chase the automatic plane down. The pilots decided to take the plane down because it was not following their order. As a result, one of the pilots life was gone due to unsuccessful attempt to destroy the autopilot plane. Also, another pilot’s aircraft ran out of fuel and landed in the North Korean’s territory. (That’s so scary!)

The ending was awesome, but I didn’t understand what happened. The self-driving plane sacrificed itself to destroy the North Korea’s helicopter to protect it’s teammates. I thought that was cool because previously, the plane was disobeying the pilots order, but once the plane started to behave, I felt at ease. 

In conclusion, Stealth (2015) warns me about technology. In the near future, when automobiles and aircraft can drive itself without humans, but solely on its own. How dangerous can it be? What would happen if someone tries to manipulate the system and control all of these machines? Our lives will be in danger. In the end, I did not follow how these soldiers were successfully rescued in North Korea’s soil. It was a terrible mobie, but the acting was great.  Stealth (2005) is available on Amazon here and FandangoNow here.